Master of Computer Application



The Master of Computer Application program is aimed at providing students with academic skills, logic and reasoning ability for their overall development to help them get jobs in the public and private sectors and the software industry.

The students after BCA can work :
  • in IT Companies as a Software professional.
  • Software / hardware / Technical Support in Multi National Companies.
  • Can run own Business for Hardware/ Technical Support.
  • Professional Trainer.
  • As Web Designer/ Developer.
  • Quality Assurance Professional.


Graduate in any discipline from any recognized University with at least 50% marks (at least 45% marks in case of reserved catagory candidates) and clearing the entrance test

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Sr. No. Course Name
1 Elementary Algorithmic
2 Computer Organization & Architecture
3 Procedure Oriented Programming
4 Introduction to Management Function
5 Mathematical Foundation
6 Practical (I.T Laboratory)
7 Minor Software Project


Sr. No. Course Name
1 Data Structure
2 Operating System
3 Database Management Theory
4 Accounting & Management Control
5 Probability & Combinatories
6 Practical (Win. Prog. Laboratory)
7 Minor software Project -II



Sr. No. Course Name
1 Software Engineering
2 Computer Communication Networks
3 Object Oriented Programming
4 Communication & Organization Behaviour
5 Decision Technology
6 Practical (Database Design, Implementation)
7 Minor Software Project-III


Sr. No. Course Name
1 UMI and Design Patterns
2 Unix and Linux Internals
3 I.T Elective – I
4 I.T Elective – II
5 BM Elective –I
6 Practical (Internet Programming)
7 Minor Software Project- IV



Sr. No. Course Name
1 Software Project Management
2 Artificial Intelligence Applications
3 I.T Elective – III
4 I.T Elective – IV
5 B.M Elective – II
6 Practical (Advanced Internet Programming)
7 Minor Software Project – V


Sr. No. Course Name
1 Major Software Project
2 Trends in Information Technology (Term Paper)
3 Comprehensive Examination (Objective Type)
4 Comprehensive Exam (Conventional Type)


Elective Details:

1 Elective-I
i Theory of Automata
ii Data Warehousing & Data Mining
iii Embedded Systems Concepts & Modeling


2 Elective-II
i Programming with STL
ii Database Management with SQL Server
iii Embedded Systems Design & Programming


3 Elective-III
i Design of Language Processors
ii Computer Graphics & Multimedia
iii Simulation Modeling
iv Embedded Systems Interfacing & Embedded Communication Systems


4 Elective-IV
i Programming with MFC
ii Net Technology
iii Assembly Language Programming
iv Embedded Systems Programming using High Level Language


1 B.M. Elective-I
i Marketing Management
ii Managerial Economics


2 B.M. Elective-II
i Knowledge Management
ii Business Finance
iii Design & Implementation Of E-Com. Application


Exams Details

  • 1. Centre at Belapur
  • 2. 70 Marks Subjective, 30 Marks Internal Assignment=100 Marks

Note: Specially for BCA, BSC I.T. & BCS Students.